Aston Martin brings back the Lagonda brand

Aston Martin Lagonda Logo

Aston Martin has just announced that they’re planning on bringing back the Lagonda name, next year, when it celebrates its 100th anniversary. According to Aston’s Chief Executive Officer Dr Ulrich Bez, the Lagonda name will be used on a series of exclusive luxury cars, the first concept being scheduled to debut next year and marketed in 2012.

“We have now investigated and concluded that the revival of the Lagonda brand would allow us to develop cars which can have a different character than a sportscar, and therefore offer a perfect synergy. Lagonda will use a unique design language as Aston Martin does. We will take elements of DNA from the past but will be very future orientated as we are with Aston Martin. With Lagonda offering exclusive, luxurious and truly versatile products with high quality and usability and suitable for both existing and emerging markets, I believe we can be present in more than 100 countries in the world.“

First there was the Rapide, then the One-77 and now the Lagonda. It really looks like the new Aston Martin owners are doing a great job over there.


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