Sport coupe MC Sport Line from Maserati

It seems, company Maserati has thoroughly decided to undertake independent manufacture of special versions of own models, and start has been given on a motor show in Bologna where Italians have presented version MC Sport Line. At the heart of this car model GranTurismo S which experts Maserati have improved front and rear spoilers from carbon fiber, lateral aerodynamic panels with black inserts on the centre, carbon cases for the side view door mirrors, new door handles, and black glossy 20-inch wheel disks is put. Besides, the Italian engineers have increased productivity of a coupe. The car suspender has received more rigid springs, new absorbers and stabilizers. A novelty have equipped also with the new software for system Stability Program from Maserati which, by words to developers, gives to the driver «more freedom». As works were made directly by experts Maserati, it is necessary to notice that all is executed with very good taste. For this reason get the similar car very few fans of the Italian coupes can to themselves. Though version MC Sport Line is constructed on the basis of model GranTurismo S, company Maserati asserts that in due course will give to all series GranTurismo of line of package Sport Line, and after and to all lineup Maserati.

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