Mansory Bugatti Veyron Vincero

mansory bugatti veyron vincero

While it is not uncommon to see at least one Bugatti Veyron at the Mall of Emirates on a daily basis, it is also not uncommon to see a Bugatti Veyron modified in limited quantity by a specialty tuner such as Mansory.

The Mansory Bugatti Veyron Vincero is covered in beautiful glossy carbon fiber from ass to mouth ;)and is loaded with chrome accents which run from the front fenders through to the door panels. Vincero means win win in Italian. I absolutely love the subtle chrome bar that runs across the front grill in the shape of a V as seen below.

mansory bugatti veyron vincero

mansory bugatti veyron vincero

The inside gets a typically Mansory two-tone black and white upgrade and only 3 have been made. I absolutely love it's overall look, however the inside is a little too white which doesn't suit the dark and aggressive gangster look. However I guess white seats in the hot Dubai sun would pickup less heat.

mansory bugatti veyron vincero interior


mansory bugatti veyron vincero

[Source: PrestigeCars.ae]


Matte White Ferrari 599 GTB Pictures

matte white ferrari 599 gtb

Is it possible that Matte White is the new Matte Black? With the introduction of the Matte White Brabus Tesla Roadster at the 2008 Essen Motor Show, and now this matte white Ferrari 599 GTB, it is possible that 2009 is the year that Matte White takes the spotlight.


matte white ferrari 599 gtb


matte white ferrari 599 gtb

matte white ferrari 599 gtb

matte white ferrari 599 gtb


Marussia Pictures - Russian Supercar


Nikolay Fomenko is a very accomplished Russian renaissance man. He is a musician, comic actor and FIA N-GT race champion who later became a leading showman on Russian TV.

He recently launched his country's first hybrid supercar company called Marussia. Don't forget to checkout the Russian coach built E-Go Revolt which also broke news earlier this year.


Fomenko brings a lot of knowledge from his racing career for Marussia.

The Marussia is slated to use a 240-hp, 3.5-liter six-cylinder engine yet unclear who will supply the electric drive components.

Approximately 35% car will be Russian and will be designed to provide a range of 400km and should do the 0-100 km/h dash in under 5 seconds with a price tag around $100,000 USD. First customer cars will be delivered late 2009.



marussia interior



marussia logo 

[Source: RussiaToday.com]


INNOTECH C6 Corvette - Pictures & Press Release

vertical doors innotech c6 corvette

INNOTECH C6 Corvette features a new front and rear fascia and rear window side louvres like on the (Two Tone Ferrari Superamerica, but most similar to the Ferrari 599 GTB). This Vette sports an exotic looking body styling kit (using carbon fiber) and wears some BAER or BREMBO 14 & 15 ventilated, drilled and slotted rotors which sit inside some beautiful forged aluminum 19's up front with 20's supporting it's stylish ass. It roars with its modified headers, mufflers and tips which give her better flow, sound and appearance.

Naturally Aspirated Engine Options:
6.0 Liter LS2 with 500hp
6.2 Liter LS3 with 560hp

Supercharged or Twin-Turbo Engine Options:
SuperCharged 6.0 Liter LS2 with 600hp
Twin Turbo 6.2 Liter LS3 with 1000hp

They promise to further deliver a C6 Speedster a Corvette Z06 and Chevy Corvette ZR1 in 2009.

corvette c6 innotech banner

rear fascia innotech c6 corvette


vertical doors innotech c6front fascia aluminum grill innotech c6corvette innotech c6

corvette innotech c6


banner front fascia innotech c6 corvette

————————— PRESS RELEASE —————————

INNOTECH Corvette (2009)

INNOTECH's Corvette lineup, starting in January 2009 with modified C6 Corvette coupe and convertible (based on 2005-2009 models), is for sports car enthusiasts seeking exotic body styling combined with great performance.
INNOTECH Corvettes offer the best mix of unique styling, exiting performance and value for money.

Styling: Compared to a stock C6 Corvette Coupe or Convertible, INNOTECH´s approach results in a more distinctive looking, sporting, and elegant body design, evoking an Italian lineage.
INNOTECH Corvette features a new front and rear fascia which set it appart from competition. Combined with new INNOTECH rear window side louvres, the styling of the car stands out of the crowd.
There is a choice of stock or louvered hood, with other distinctive body parts coming in 2009.
A wide body kit will also be available for C6 Coupe and Convertible.
All new INNOTECH body parts are made in fiberglass or carbon fibre.

Corvette interior upgrades include fine Italian or English leather and optional carbon fibre seats with leather upholstery.

INNOTECH Corvette styling packages can be combined with various performance upgrades (from mild to wild).

Brakes: BAER or Brembo 14´´(355mm) or 15´´(380mm) ventilated, drilled and slotted rotors, 4 or 6 piston calipers.

Wheels: forged aluminum 9×19´´ front and 12×20´´rear, HRE or Forgeline (also with optional center lock hub), offered in several wheel designs. Dymag carbon-magnesium wheels option.

Exhaust systems: modified headers, mufflers and tips for better flow, sound and appearance.

Engines and transmissions: Corvette engines : LS2 (6.0L) or LS3 (6.2L), performance modified to 500 hp – 560 hp if naturally aspirated, or 600 hp – 1000 hp supercharged or twin-turbocharged.
The engines are mated with Corvette 6-speed manual or automatic transmissions.


Performance: INNOTECH Corvette C6 Coupe (e.g. naturally aspirated 560 hp LS3 engine) with approx. 1400 kg curb weight has one of the best power/weight ratios available. Supercharged and turbocharged versions give extreme, but streetable supercar performance.

Several distinctive INNOTECH Corvette Packages and Limited Editions, both performance and luxury oriented, will be offered to discriminating buyers in 2009.

During 2009 we will create an exiting INNOTECH C6 Speedster, as well as customized INNOTECH C6 Z06 and ZR1 versions (the above mentioned INNOTECH rear fascia and rear window side louvres already fit Z06 and ZR1 models). – With five distinctive bodies for the sixth generation Corvette, combined with many performance upgrades, INNOTECH will offer more attractive Corvette choices than anyone.

Although INNOTECH company is based in the Czech Republic, INNOTECH cars will be assembled in the USA. Modified Corvette parts as well as complete cars will be delivered worldwide, while USA is supposed to become a key market for INNOTECH Corvettes.

CONSTRUCT company, the largest Czech manufacturer of vehicle anti-theft systems, has been a technological partner of INNOTECH Corvette project.

For more info please visit INNOTECH Corvette new web site www.innotechcorvettes.com which is currently under construction and will be launched around New Year.

[Source: INNOTECHCorvettes.com]


Nissan 370Z goes on sale today, priced at $29,930

A simplified trim lineup and just a handful of available configurations for 2009 make the new Nissan 370Z a simpler car than its predecessor, but paradoxically, new features and options have made the car considerably more complex. Starting sales today at $29,930 for the six-speed manual-equipped coupe, the new Z is priced aggressively considering its performance targets. Whether the 370Z can reach its goal of competing successfully with the Boxster and its ilk remains to be seen in full testing, but at a glance, the car offers a lot for its price.

2009 Nissan 370Z Coupe

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Ginetta working on electric version of G50 sports car

With a half-century of car-building experience for both the road and track, the UK's Ginetta Cars is now setting its sights on a truly modern goal: a high-performance electric vehicle. Details on the car remain closely held, but the car's first development steps are already underway. The G50 is Ginetta's most recent addition to its stable of race and road cars, with the first production example hitting Britain's streets earlier this year. Now the company is building an electric variant that it claims will be capable of 120mph (193km/h) and have a range up to 250mi (402km).

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Branew modified 370Z to debut at 2009 Tokyo Auto Salon

Japanese tuning house Branew has revealed some early shots of its customized 2009 Nissan 370Z - two weeks before the car is due to be unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Salon. The images reveal the new 370Z with handsome aerodynamic modifications and adorned in Branew's familiar satin white coloring, complimented by large 22in chrome wheels. The aerodynamic kit will include a custom front spoiler, side steps, a rear spoiler and a rear wing, as well as custom wheels. All the parts of the kit except for the wheels and the rear wing will be available in either carbon-fiber or fiberglass. The custom wheels will be available in sizes ranging from 20 to 22in, however, an upgraded suspension kit should help to keep the ride comfortable and improve handling for the larger diameter.

Branew GT-R appearance kit

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Spy shots: 2011 Porsche Cayenne interior revealed

Prototypes for Porsche's next-generation Cayenne have been spotted testing in Germany on several occasions, revealing crucial details for the new SUV which is expected to go on sale by May 2010. First and foremost, we know the next Cayenne will be smaller than the current model although it will still share a common platform with the next-generation Volkswagen Touareg and Audi Q7, both of which are not expected to change significantly in size compared with current versions. The smaller size of the new Cayenne agrees with Porsche's desire to create a much more hard-core performance SUV than the current model, which has been criticized for being too heavy.

Next-gen Porsche Cayenne spy shots

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