Renault Megane Trophy

Defray the latest in a long crocodile of terrifying mid-engined French hot-hatches, the Renault Megane Laurels. The Trophy, revealed today at the Paris Motor Pose, is just like the new 2009 Renault Megane, but line different. The French unquestionably conscious how to make a great hot invent, but if there\'s one thing they do identical better it\'s taking those no cars and sticking a big machine where the back heart is supposed to go. Inside, you\'ll get a 3.5-liter Nissan-sourced V6 tuned to churn out 360 HP. That power is sent to the rear end wheels via a paddle-paddle one's own canoe sequential gearbox, resulting in accomplishment that Renault claims is on par with the Porsche 911 GT3. The solely problem is that it\'s not thoroughfare car, and is destined only to collide in a spec-series for the car. Induce release after the overlook.

Having starred in the Clique Series by Renault\'s premier saloon car championship since the the cosmos of the WSR in 2005, Renault Mégane Honours has undergone a raft of principal modifications in readiness for the 2009 push. The most visible mutation concerns its new body objective which takes its provocation from the lines of New Mégane Coupe. Underwater the bonnet, a fresh look has also been bewitched at the Renault-Nissan Affinity\'s V6 3.5 24V powerplant which now delivers 360hp. At the unvaried time, Renault Play Technologies has carried during many of the acclaimed features of the modish Renault Mégane Remembrance to produce a reliable, competitive and affordable racing car.



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