Gallardo GTR ready to take on SCCA World Challenge

DP7 Racing Gallardo GTR

Lamborghini doesn't exactly have a storied history in motorsports, but that doesn't mean its current lineup doesn't offer a suitable platform to go racing. DP7 Racing has selected the Gallardo GTR to compete in the SCCA World Challenge next year, and they came out to SEMA to show off their newly finished racecar that will take on the likes of Porsches, Corvettes, and Vipers in the GT class. The GTR received the full racecar makeover including a widened carbon fiber body, front splitter and rear diffuser, fully adjustable suspension, Hollinger sequential 6-speed transmission, and CCW aluminum racing wheels. The 5.0L V10 is now producing 570 bhp and 450 lb-ft torque thanks in part to a set of Hedman headers and a Motec engine management system. You can check out the car in the gallery below, and we'll hopefully make it to one of the World Challenge races next year to see it on track.

Gallery: SEMA 2008: DP7 Racing Lamborghini Gallardo GTR



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