Cayman is tops

I'm currently in Spain to drive the revised Porsche Cayman S. It now gets direct fuel injection, more power, better economy and – hallelujah – a limited-slip differential.

Cayman15Albeit as a £737 option.

The other big news is the arrival of PDK, which remains a marvel of engineering spoilt by counterintuitive control buttons. In my opinion the manual remains the transmission of choice.

The new engine is brilliant though, quite a big stronger and it sounds better too. More meaty, more charismatic. The big question, however, is which would you have: a Cayman S or a Carrera 3.6?

Both now hit 62mph in 4.9sec but the Cayman is nearly £20,000 cheaper and better to drive. Unless you really need those extra (occasional) seats, surely it has to be the Cayman S. Best car Porsche currently makes? Best car in the world, more like.



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