Clarkson fires back over Top Gear Tesla controversy

Tesla Roadster

Extending the controversy between Tesla Motors and
Top Gear even further, Jeremy Clarkson has offered his own opinion regarding the issues of the Roadster's battery capacity and brake failure while being run 'round the Top Gear test track. Remember that the BBC already admitted that neither of its test cars actually ran out of juice, suggesting that the scene was filmed to show what would happen if it actually had. Clarkson's comments don't quite jive with that assessment, though, as he says, "We never said once that the car had run out of power. The car had to be pushed into the warehouse because you are not allowed to drive cars into a building. We calculated that it would have run out of power after 53 miles but they can't argue with that because that is a fact."

One area on which we agree with Clarkson is that it doesn't matter why the Roadster's brakes failed. Clarkson says, "Nobody gives a flying **** how the brakes failed. Whether it was a blown fuse or not, they were still not working." On the other hand, whether the now infamous scene of the electric car being pushed into a garage was to show what would happen in the event of a drained battery or because Clarkson wasn't allowed to drive it into the building (seriously, when did that ever stop them?), that image is now indelibly etched into the minds of
Top Gear fans, for better or for worse. Thanks for the tip, Doug!

[Source: Telegraph]



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