Tetsu GTR needs to stay in Vegas

Tetsu GTR Bentley Continental GT

When we heard that the Tetsu GTR would be here at SEMA, we knew we'd have to find it and shoot it. Since we didn't have a gun on us, we just shot it with our cameras instead. The Tetsu GTR is actually a perfect SEMA car. Rather than showing what people
should do with their tunable treasures, it shows you what you could do (but shouldn't). Starting out with a perfectly capable and tasteful Bentley Continental GT, the ASI crew went berserk. It features a custom carbon fiber wide-body kit that makes the Continental GT look like a DTM art car, and that two-tone matte paint scheme with leaf graphics on the hood is definitely attention-getting. There's even a custom graphic on the 22-inch black wheels that matches the theme. Fortunately, only 29 Tetsu GTRs will be produced. Well, at least those owners can take solace in knowing their vehicles will be boosted to 800 horsepower. That guarantees at least half of them will end up damaged beyond repair within a week of ownership.

Gallery: SEMA 2008: Tetsu GTR



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