Power Enterprises developing Nissan GT-R twin-charger system

If the Nissan GT-R's 478 horsepower twin-turbo engine isn't powerful enough for you, the tuners at Power Enterprises has some hardware to put Godzilla over the top. PE has two kits available and a third coming to the Tokyo Auto Salon in January. The 35GTR 560 (as in 560 hp) kit features a PE P-Map ECU, PWR Air Impulse II air filters and an upgraded intake kit. The 35GTR 600 kit has the above upgrades, plus upgraded wastegate actuators and a Supersonic Titanium 89 mm exhaust.

For those among the GT-R crowd that could simply never have enough power, Power Enterprises is also working on a twin-charger setup that adds twin superchargers to the mix. the Four Charger System adds a pair of Rotrex C30-94 superchargers to bump the power quotient to 650 ponies. More importantly, the superchargers should provide nearly limitless mid-range torque, making turbo lag a non-issue. We're guessing track day would be a hell of a lot of fun with that setup, and we'd imagine that a twin-turbo, twin-supercharged GT-R would sound something like Doc's time-traveling locomotive from
Back to the Future. We'll be on the lookout for more twin-charger details closer to the Tokyo Auto Salon on January 9.

[Source: GT-R Blog]



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