Lotec updating Sirius supercar for 2009

The Lotec Sirius was a German supercar launched earlier in the decade by former Group C2 championship race winner Kurt Lotterschmid. It was powered by a twin-turbocharged Mercedes Benz 6.0L V12 and was offered in several performance levels, ranging from about 850hp (635kW) up to 1,200hp (895kW) in some guises. Despite a number of hurdles and eventual production delays surrounding the original Sirius, Lotec is planning to release an updated model next year and has released these preview sketches of the new car. No specifications have been given but AutoWeek.nl reports that the new car will likely output less than the current model, most likely due to the previous V12 mill no longer being available.

2009 Lotec Sirius supercar preview



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