Spy Shots: New Porsche Cayenne interior spotted

It appears to be official: the Panamera interior that this particular blogger loves but has been almost universally reviled by everyone else is Porsche's new interior design language. A refreshed Cayenne has been photographed with an instrument panel directly descended from that of the Panamera four-door super "coupe" (sedan, really). The new Cayenne center console has vents flanking the nav screen instead of placed atop, and the transmission tunnel controls have been inclined to meet the IP just below the console screen.

However, compared to the Panamera, the Cayenne is down on the button count. The Panamera gets a long, parallel row of buttons flanking the shifter, while the Cayenne gets a full complement on the left side of the moonball gearshift and a truncated version on the right. With no shots of the new Cayenne's ceiling console, we will have to wait to find out if it's got the Panamera's additional controls mounted up top.

Luxevelocity mentions climate control buttons under the navigation screen, but those are probably for the sound system, as on the Panamera. And there's a large red button that we can only hope is for an ejector seat, but is probably for something much more mundane: it will either be replaced with a button or panel, or it could be Porsche's entry into the MMI game. Outside, the Cayenne won't offer anything new beyond 911-style LED lighting.

[Source: Luxevelocity]



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