9FF's 1300hp Porsche 911 Based Draxster

A drag-racing Porsche 911? Why? Well, why not? Although Porsche's iconic sports car hasn't traditionally been a drag-strip competitor, the car's rear-engine, rear-drive layout is actually ideal for drag racing. Porsche specialist 9ff has just unveiled the DraXster, a boosted, 911-based supercar whose focus seems to be quarter-mile domination. It's a high-horsepower, high-torque lightweight 911 whose lack of aerodynamic aids suggests that it's not intended for sustained high speeds but rather maximum acceleration.

9FF's 1300hp Porsche 911 Based Draxster-19FF's 1300hp Porsche 911 Based Draxster-2


The DraXster's 4.0 twin-turbo flat six puts out an estimated 1300 hp (970 kW) and 877 ft-lb (1190 Nm) torque. The car has also been lightened to 1168kg, and 9ff reports a 9.5-second run to 161mph (260 km/h). Yes, the DraXster is faster than a Bugatti Veyron. Thanks to the lack of adornments, the DraXster is low-key, with very few exterior details to distinguish it from any other 911.

Pricing, quarter-mile times and top speed for the DraXster have not been released.

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