CDC International offering 'Reventon' body kit for Lamborghini Gallardo

For most of us who don’t own a Lamborghini Gallardo, this bit of news is pretty irrelevant to us. But if you’re one of the lucky – and rich – few that does have a Gallardo, the German tuning house CDC-International has a package that can turn your Gallardo into a Lamborghini Reventon, or close to it, at least.

To be fair, CDC-International’s body kit doesn’t exactly hit every nook and cranny of the Reventon to a tee. But it comes pretty close. For starters, the protruding front bumper is a staple of the Reventon, as are those aggressive side skirts.

In addition to those Reventon styling cues, CDC International’s custom body kit for the Gallardo also comes with a rear spoiler, red mirror covers, a modified front apron, bonnet, and rear grill.


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