GM Lends New Models to Factory Workers, Has Them Do the Marketing

GM logoHoping that hands-on experience and knowledgeable employees will help sell vehicles, GM has announced the Vehicle Plant Tour, which puts new GM products in the hands of assembly-line workers.

Through December, the company will ship four sets of six new vehicles to 40 GM assembly plants throughout North America. The vehicles involved are the Chevrolet Camaro, Equinox, and Malibu; Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon; Buick LaCrosse; and GMC Terrain. Each set of vehicles will stay at a given plant for a month.

The idea is to allow the employees who build cars to get a better chance to experience them, as well as spread the word about GM products. Employees will be encouraged to take overnight test drives and conduct ride-and-drive programs for their local community. Employees are even encouraged to let non-employees test-drive the vehicles.

The official word is that “personal, word-of-mouth testimonials are the best way to persuade consumers to try and buy new products.” We think this real-people marketing strategy can’t hurt, since the products are all pretty good. And GM’s employees should make good salespeople since they’re the ones who most want to see the company succeed.


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