Audi RSQ - Future car or just a concept

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From all times car manufacturers are trying to design the cars of the future. If we are talking about cars that stared in movies like Batman, Agent 007 we can see that the companies produced some prototypes that are featured with a special and distinguish design, with powerful motors and a lot of astonishing characteristics. The main question is, in what kind of measures someone can produce a car thought for 2035? How can they predict what kind of motor will be using, what kinds of features and especially, what will be the top speed of one of this future cars? The Audi manufacturer imagined how can all this will be. Audi made a prototype that is supposed to be used in the future, based on the story of the movie I Robot, a car that can be drove in the year 2035. For the first time, the manufacturer Audi collaborated with the I Robot movie director Alex Proyas on this project. They made a car that contains of course, first of all, the emblem of Audi company, the 4 rings and the traditional design of all Audi cars.

The special parts that may be said that comes from the future thinking are the wheels transformed in spheres and the butterfly doors. We may say that the company has not thought yet about what kind of engine the car will use, what kind of speed and other elements of technology, the car is made more for it`s sequential appearance in that movie and not for it`s ability of his technical characteristics. For all that we may agree that the concept of future car remains just an idea, because nobody can actually know what kind of engine can be conceived for all the new fuels that our scientist are now just in the phase of experimenting.



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