Hummer H3

hummer-h3.jpghummer-h3-2.jpgh3.jpg The hummer H3 is the smallest from the 3 Hummer models.The Hummer H3 was a pickup truck but the final version is a conventional SUV.It is built on a heavily modified Colorado/Canyon pickup truck frame.The Hummer H3 is build in Shreveport, Louisiana at GM’s factory.Export versions will be produced at the General Motors South Africa facility in Struandale and Port Elizabeth.In the USA the price for a Hummer H3 starts from 30.000$ and ends just over 40.000$.In the first months of 2006,about 8000 Hummers were sold.It’s about 74% of all Hummer sales.The H3 uses the 3.7 L (3464 cc) Atlas straight-5 engine,It produces 242HP(164kW) at 5600RPM.It is available with a 5 speed manual transmission of a 4 speed automatic transmission that includes GM’s Stabilitrak vehicle stability control.It includes an electronically-controlled dual-speed transfer case and electronic locking differential.The H3 Hummer can handle 0.6 m of water. The H3 is the only vehicle in its class to have a 2-speed transfer case standard. It weights about 3.8tones.The Hummer H3 sufered some modifications and the H3x and H3t appeared


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