Porsche Cayenne: a mid-size luxury SUV


The Porsche’s best-selling vehicle in North America, is design in collaboration with Volkswagen as a sport utility vehicle with a V8 engine that makes Chayenne touch 100 km/h in just 5.2 seconds, very quickly for a SUV. With a height of 10.7 inches (272 mm), a horsepower (SAE) of 250 hp, and a torque of 229 lb-ft,a static high-voltage ignition system with separate ignition coils on each individual spark plug is thought by the Porsche engineers in this way to make for the super car a better fuel economy, and all that to make a better environment. But that is not all: a Motronic system was conceived to monitor a sum of sensors and engine componets so that the car can adjust the key engine functions in a speed of milliseconds. The Porsche Chayenne is a powerful super car, with luxurious interior that puts safety beyond everything, it can be compared with off road cars but it can’t really be name like that yet….maybe in the next editions. For now, we can say that at a price of 41 000$ it is a good start for the Porsche manufacturer in the business of SUV’s


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