Volkswagen Golf GTI W12 650hp Concept


A new version of Golf GTI was released,it was a surprise because is not an usual Golf Gti.The car is powered by a W12 engine making 650 horsepower,right now the supercar is just a concept,but in the future… . New features ? Check these out: a W12 Cylinders Engine, 477 kW at 6000 rmp and a magnificent design. What can you ask for more ? With so much power this GTI forwards in the top of the greatest cars. With the 6.0 liter bi-turbo engine the driver can reach beyond the 300 km/h barrier. More exactly the maximum speed of the Golf GTI W12 – 650 PS is 325 km/h. As for the body design, the engineers wanted to make it look like a race car. The Golf is equipped with 19-inch format tires, in the front with 235 model, while in the back it has 295 model. It is 1.88 meters width and 1.42 meters height. The designers said that they want to make it look a little with a coupe so they changed the body kit. Now, Golf 650 PS has the chassis with 80 mm wider in both sides, and the tires are moved with 80 mm to the exterior. This is another feature that makes the 650 PS a sport car. The roof of this car is built from a carbon-fiber material, looking very good and helps achieving more road grip, as the race cars. In the rear you can notice the two tailpipes, made out of chrome. The interior is again, race car style. The seats are covered in leather, the interior is equipped with a fire extinguisher and the driver panel includes the “flip-up switch covers”, as in a race car. The door trims were modified for weight reasons. The car still has many GTI characters and really looks like a GTI, only “upgraded”. They thought about every detail when designed this car.



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