Ford Mustang: The American Vintage Pride

Ford, a big name in the car market is synonymous with the American pride and quality. Even after a century of production, the Ford cars are wide in demand. Thanks to the durability and quality. It was in 1905, Ford made its debut into car making. Slowly but steadily, Ford crossed the boundaries of the American continent to expand its empire. Ford cars became a symbol of prestige and luxury in the Europe and Asian countries including Singapore. Never had Ford tuned away from innovations. Always ready for experimentation, Ford brought out cars as per the demand of the car lovers.

Even after one century, most part of the American roads is filled with Ford cars. Seeing the roads of the New Lands filled with Ford cars is not a big thing. Ford brought out experimentation from time to time cutting down the cost of cars, making it easy for the users to own them. Ford has a big role in making cars popular among the American masses in the 40's. Ford is not only well known in quality but they have also contributed many new innovations in automotive industry. For example, Ford is the first manufacturer that uses the moving assembly line. This technology allows Ford to produce cars in a faster pace and also made the cars to be more affordable so that more people could own their own cars.

It was after the Second World War, Ford brought out its vintage series. The high standard classic vintage cars invaded a big portion of roads not only in America, but also outside the Yankee land. Among them Fairlane, Thunderbird, Falcon, Galaxie, Torino, and the Mustang were the most popular. The Mustang from Ford soon found admirers even in distant lands like Singapore, and the Middle East. Even after four decades, the Mustang is admired among the car lovers. Mustang was very much American for its features and masculine finishing. They became popular through the Hollywood movies of that time. Most American films showed Ford Mustang in masculine lights giving it a new image of prowess among the teens and youth of the New English in the 1960's and 70's. The popularity of Ford Mustang induced the young car lovers to move for this enchanting model, taking its sales to new heights.

Even now, the vintage car lovers are not ready to give up their fascination for Ford Mustang. By investing big money and time, they restore the Mustang cars as it brings a feel of pride and prestige to them. The real American pride; they mean it.



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