Gumpert Apollo (2008)

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The Gumpert Apollo is the perfect synthesis between road vehicle and racing car. It exceeds all expectations with its passion and maximum driving fun. 650 HP, up to 360 km/h top-speed and an acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.0 seconds make it a full-blooded super sports car to which there is no alternative. The complete package is available at a cost-performance ratio unequalled in this exclusive vehicle class.

The production process is the one part of the manufacture philosophy in which exclusivity and precision are paramount to speed. Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur associates the term ‚manufacture' with it's the commitment to achieve quality and luxury by means of craftsmanship and hand-made production.

Roland Gumpert, founder, managing director and the driving force behind Sportwagenmanufaktur, has created a manufacturing environment that combines engineering excellence with a broad automotive and racing competence. Experts within the motorsports scene are all familiar with the name Gumpert: In the mid 1970s, the long-standing Audi manager was the driving force behind the development of the four-wheel drive "Iltis", the original predecessor of today's "Quattro". In 1979 he not only succeeded in preparing the gnarled four-wheel drive "Iltis" for the Paris-Dakar rally, but also achieved victory. In the years that followed under his management, Audi Sport won a total of 25 World Rally Championship races and was the 4-time winner of the World Rally Championship. Gumpert's professional success is distinguished by his ability to combine innovative ideas with proven technology effectively and successfully.

A team of automotive and motor sports specialists joined forces to pool their enthusiasm and energy into developing and creating the Gumpert Apollo. Their abilities create the space for the finest workmanship and utmost individuality, with the use of high-tech processes and integration of proven standard components securing the technical basis.

With the Gumpert Apollo we are providing a select clientele of ambitious sports drivers and car enthusiasts with the opportunity of experiencing the unique synergy between hand-made high-end components optimised for performance on the road and the track, and of distinguishing themselves from the remainder of the world of sports cars. Up to 100 vehicles will leave the factory each year - just enough to ensure that these exceptional vehicles retain their exclusive status.

Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur is an independent, privately financed company. The financial stability of the company is being secured by well-known investors. Their operative commitment will also promote the international sales and distribution of Gumpert Apollo.

The challenge was to develop an exceptional design that combined the extreme aerodynamic requirements of a performance-oriented, purist super sports car with the aesthetic design of an exclusive vehicle. We wanted to achieve the perfect synthesis of design and function. Without compromising. And we have succeeded with Gumpert Apollo: Its silhouette, optimised in numerous wind tunnel tests, reflects its by far superior capabilities.

In its profile, the Gumpert Apollo dynamic appearance is further enhanced by its dimensions (4.46 m length, almost 2 m width and 1.24 m height) and its streamlined, long and wide shoulder lines. The mid-engine layout is emphasised by the cockpit, which is clearly located toward the front of the vehicle, and the long wheel base; both factors ensure optimum driving qualities. Massive air inlets and outlets in the front and on the side in front of and behind the doors leave no doubt about its potency. Above all, though, they supply the two turbo-chargers and the high-performance braking system with enough fresh air to ensure optimum operation for the duration of a race. The high-set air intake for the engine is reminiscent of Formula 1 vehicles and emphasises Gumpert Apollo racing character. The dominant rear provides a view of the diffuser and the underbody, encased completely in carbon, - which, combined with the front diffuser and flow channels, achieves an exceptionally high negative lift for a road vehicle.

Gumpert Apollo leaves a lasting impression on anyone who sees it: It symbolises unusual power, dynamism and sportiness. It reflects above-average performance capability paired with timeless elegance, and even when it is not moving, shows that the design can only adhere to function: driving dynamics.

The secret of Gumpert Apollo is an innovative design concept from racing car engineering. The base and symbolic backbone of Gumpert Apollo consists a round tube frame made of top-quality and highly stable chrome-molybdenum-steel with an integrated monocoque safety cell made of high quality carbon fibre screwed directly onto the frame. The 161 kg (355 lbs.) construction design is so effective, so torsion proof and bend resistant that it complies with both the specifications of the European MOT approval and the international manufacture specifications of motor sports (see annex J of the FIA regulations). Gumpert Apollo succeeds in combining low weight with the rigidity of a racing car, finest driving dynamics and maximum safety. The Gumpert Apollo is one of the safest and most agile vehicles of its class.


The Gumpert Apollo is not the only sports car on the market; however its concept is so unique and realised so consistently that it aspires to redefine the standard for this vehicle class. The Gumpert Apollo has more to offer:
Approved both for use on the road and on the track
Maximum safety in accordance with the international motor racing standards
Low curb weight of below 1,200 kg (2,645 lbs.)
Perfect road-holding and ultra-precise handling
Maximum driving pleasure and unbeatable driving performance
Excellent aerodynamic efficiency and driving dynamics
Synthesis of reliable racing and series technology
Unique, futuristic, and striking design
Best cost-benefit ratio

Despite the series production process, every Gumpert Apollo is unique. It is customized to the owner's wishes and needs and proudly bears his touch. We can also offer you:
Luxury package with air conditioning, navigation radio with DVD/CD-Player and backwards facing camera with rear-view mirror function
Car body made of fibreglass (GFK) or carbon-fibre (CFK)
Carbon fibre for various components and car body parts
Design variants created by use of different air intakes for the engine
Carbon rear wing (optional available)
Engine variants with 650 / 700 / 800 HP output

In addition to these different options and equipment packages, we can of course also accommodate any other special requests made by our customers. Just talk to us.

The consistent achievement of maximum driving dynamics and uncompromising functionality is also visible in the interior design: Every detail was designed according to functional viewpoints equivalent to those of a racing car, yet without neglecting the required amount of comfort and quality.


Light weight was the top priority and has been achieved through the exclusive use of high-tech materials. The instrument panel, like the monocoque it is integrated into, is made of carbon fibre. The seat buckets, too, are fitted into the monocoque - although you will not find seats in the conventional meaning in the Gumpert Apollo. The seat position is adjusted to each customer individually, using padding, upholstery, adjustable pedals, and the steering column. Yet you are not required to forgo proven technology in the Gumpert Apollo: air conditioning, high-end navigation system with an integrated reverse camera, CD/DVD player and much more are available.

The Gumpert Apollo is a tailor-made sports car, and individual masterpiece. In line with this principle, customers can design the interior to meet their preferences, be it pure performance or somewhat more luxurious. Decide the colours and designs yourself, whether leather, seams or embroideries are concerned. We guarantee you a car that will fulfil all of your requirements. Just talk to us.


A sports car's supremacy is not defined by pure engine power alone: only a car that can put this power on the asphalt and create a balance between all occurring internal and external forces will leave the contestants behind, on the road and the race track. The chassis is the key to this supremacy - and Gumpert Apollo has already proven itself spectacularly under the toughest testing conditions on various test tracks, public roads and real racing tracks such as Hockenheim, Imola and the historical "Nordschleife".

The Gumpert Apollo is built as a racing car according to FIA GT and ACO regulations upon request.

Success is one of Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur's clearly defined objectives in racing. Naturally the factory benefits from the years of experience in motor sports and the remarkable successes of company owner Roland Gumpert.

The Gumpert Apollo made a great third place with the Belgian racing driver, Ruben Maes, in the cockpit at its racing debut at the Divinol Cup in Hockenheim in April 2005.


The impressive power of the high-performance eight cylinder engine is based on proven V8-high-performance aggregates from Audi. In the standard configuration this engine is optimised for use in racing and road vehicles and produces 650 HP as a Biturbo engine. Weighing only 196 kg (432 lbs.), it plays a major role in ensuring the ideal weight and fascinating driving dynamics of Gumpert Apollo. An angle of 90° between the two cylinder banks is a sign of a classic 8-cylinder engine. Efficient utilisation of its remarkable energy in the back wheels guarantees the fully-synchronised, sequential six-speed transmission that incorporates Formula 1 know-how. The short gear paths allow high speed gear changes. The arrangement of the gears in a longitudinal direction in the path of travel ensures a very low centre of gravity and optimum weight distribution. The characteristic sound of the double-flow exhaust system of the Gumpert Apollo with its 3-way catalytic converters says it best - the Gumpert Apollo is pure, unbeatable performance as reflected in the data. Like a comet, the Gumpert Apollo catapults its pilot from 0 to 100 km/h (0-62 mph) in just 3.0 seconds and only requires 8.9 seconds from 0 to 200 km/h (0-124 mph).

For connoisseurs form whom driving fun does not necessarily equal maximum motor performance and ultimate acceleration, the engine is also ideally suited for day-to-day driving at lower speeds.


The Gumpert Apollo's suspension was developed to ideally complement the body's sophisticated aerodynamics. The resulting is unusual driving dynamics. The Gumpert Apollo is taut but not hard and provides driver and passenger with an extraordinar level of comfort for a car designed purely for performance. It demands the pilot's unswerving attention, yet due to its ultra-precise and predictable driving characteristics does not overwhelm, even at top speed.

An ideal weight balance of 42 to 58 percent between the front and rear axis rounds it off: It provides optimum traction during acceleration, whilst ensuring stable control even when braking in critical situations.

The Gumpert Apollo owes the finely tuned sensitivity of the suspension system and the optimised exertion of power to its double transverse control arm pushrod configuration at the front and back. The double transverse control arms ensure that the tires maintain optimum contact with the road surface, independent of the bound rate of suspension system. The suspension system allows the owner to seamlessly set the ground clearance in a range between 40 and 120 mm (1.57-4.72 in). Sealed uniball joints ensure that the forces are transferred precisely and with little friction. Stabilisers support the efficiency of the suspension and pitch compensation prevents the vehicle from diving during braking and lifting during accelerating. Despite its low trim, the Gumpert Apollo provides long wheel travel in compression and rebound, facilitating the finely-tuned and precise functioning of the absorbers and springs.

The high level of driving dynamics is supported by an agile electro-hydraulic power steering system that provides the driver with direct feedback. In order to securely transfer the 850 nm torque to the road, Gumpert Apollo has a traction control system (TCS) used in motor sports. Developed together with the company Racelogic, the permitted slip can be accurately set on the rear axle - according to the drivers wishes. An optional launch control, adjusted to the Gumpert Apollo especially, ensures swift starts like those of Formula 1. The Gumpert Apollo's driving performance is controlled with a 2-circuit high-performance braking system with adjustable 3-level Bosch-ABS, 378 mm (14.9 in) ventilated discs, and 6-piston callipers on the front and rear axle.

All of these are primary technical principles, the sportive orientation of which could not be clearer. Thanks to its suspension, the Gumpert Apollo proves itself in every curve: It redefines the term ‚driving dynamics'.

Length 4,460 mm / 175.6"
Width 1,998 mm / 78.6"
Height 1,114 mm / 43.8"
Wheel base 2,700 mm / 106.3"
Wheel gauge
front: 1,670 mm / 65.7"
back: 1,598 mm / 62.9"
Boot volume: 100 l
Kerb weight: below 1,200 kg / 2,645 lbs
Allowed total weight: 1,500 kg / 3,306 lbs
Approved axle load
front: 650 kg / 1,452 lbs
back: 900 kg / 1,984 lbs
Cylinders: 8
Type: 90° - V
Valves per cylinder: 5
Displacement: 4,163 cm3 / 254 in3
Stroke: 93 mm / 3.66"
Bore: 84.5 mm / 3.32"
Nominal output: 478 kW (650 HP) @ 6,500 rpm
Maximum torque: 850 Nm (626.9 lb-ft) @ 4,000 rpm [with 820 Nm @ 2700 rpm]
Maximum revs: 7,200 rpm
Compression ratio: 9,3
Recommended fuel type: 98 ROZ / 88 MOZ
Emission standard: Euro 4
Sequential six-speed gear box with synchronisation and oil cooling
Twin plate clutch configuration (diameter 200 mm / 7.87" each)
Differential lock by Torsen
Custom-made gear ratios
Tire dimension
front: 255/35ZR19
back: 345/35ZR19
Wheel dimension
front: 10J x 19
back: 13J x 19
Wheel rim type: Aluminium cast wheels with centre lock
Top speed: 360 km/h (224 mph)
0-100 km/h (0-62 mph): 3.0 s
0-200 km/h (0-124 mph): 8.9 s



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