Porsche GT9 R! World fastest car? 1 000 000 EURO CAR!

Dispute for a rank of the fastest car in the world does not cease. It would Seem still more recently American superpenalties SSC Ultimate Aero has established an unattainable indicator in 461 km/h. But in Germany there were people who are assured that can surpass this achievement. For installation of a new record the German tuning studio 9ff has created the unique car on the basis of Porsche 911. This model has received name Porsche GT9 R. The information on it has some. Now clearly only that GT9 R will have the engine capacity already 1120 h.p. Actually in GT9 R from Porsche there was actually only a name, even a body here new. Besides, the engine in GT9 R is located not under a cowl, as at usual Porsche 911 (we will remind that in 911 engine is located behind), and in base, at once behind a driver's armchair. According to representatives of the company 9ff, carrying over of the power unit very difficult, however, it was necessary for making process – only so it was possible to achieve ideal weighing on axes. The motor in volume of 4,2 l has at once two turbo-superchargings. In many respects thanking it capacity has grown to mad 1120 h.p. (it is necessary to notice that it already the second version of the given power unit from 9ff – previous gave out 987 h.p.). Whether will let out 9ff the given model serially it is not clear yet. Most likely, the tuning company will collect about such 10-15 super cars for the best clients. But to count on the discount it it is not necessary – the price 1120-strong Porsche will make about one million euro!



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