Mansory gobbles up Porsche tuning arm of Rinspeed

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Rinspeed LeMans

It appears that German tuner Mansory isn't content doing outrageous things to Ferraris, Rolls-Royces, Mercedes, Bentleys and Aston Martins. They apparently want to do similar things to Porsches as well. To make things easier on themselves, they have decided to just purchase a firm that already does wondrous things to Zuffenhausen's finest. Mansory has purchased the Porsche-tuning arm of Rinspeed and renamed it Mansory (Switzerland) AG. The deal is a bit complex, but Rinspeed Inc. will continue to operate as a separate entity, and will continue to do additional automotive work in the future, and the Porsche-specific side of the business now belongs to Mansory. So while Mansory will now be able to offer cars like the "Rinspeed" X-Treme Cayenne, Le Mans 600, Imola and Indy 4S, Rinspeed will continue to build its wild and wacky show cars, like the Splash, eXasis, and sQuba. Got it? Good.



Gallery: Rinspeed eXasis


[Source: 4WheelsNews]



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