2008 Brabus B63 S

The high performance car made by the BRABUS is now available in the new C 63 AMG. The BRABUS B63 S performance kit has a amazing 73 hp/ 53.7 kW to the rated power output of the 6.2-liter V8 engine, and achieving top speeds of 197 mph. BRABUS offers a wide range of exclusive accessories to a limited-slip rear to a custom-made 19-inch wheel, high-performance, height-adjustable coil-over suspension and a newly designed brakes to ensure the most possible safety.

Acceleration performance has improved with their added power: Reaching top speeds of 0-60 mph in a short time of 4.1 seconds. Only reasons why this car can achieve top speeds of that magnitude and accelerates that fast are due to their 19-inch high-performance tires from Pirelli or YOKOHAMA. The tires range in sizes of 235/35 ZR 19 and side wheels of 265/30 ZR 19. The high-adjustable BRABUS coil-over suspension features gas-pressure shocks with ten selectable settings for bound and rebound. It offers the drivers a sporty feeling with quick precision handling and safety.


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