2008 Paris Special: Aston Martin One-77, still a mistery

Aston Martin One-77 Paris

One of the reasons we were excited to come to the Paris Motor Show was the ultra exculsive Aston Martin One-77. However, we were pretty dissapointed to find out that we won’t be seeing the £1 million car. There was one there, but covered with a cloth, with only two corners uncovered. One of the Aston representatives told us that they’re only using the Paris show as a teaser, because they want the first units to be seen only by customers that placed their order. After that, at an unmentioned time, they’ll show it to everybody. Like I said, we were dissapointed that we didn’t get to see the car, but let’s face it, that’s maybe the coolest teaser ever. We did, however, get the chance to take some close photos of the car, and we must tell you, judging by what we see and by the overall shape, this must definitely be one heck of a car.

Aston Martin One-77 Paris Aston Martin One-77 Paris Aston Martin One-77 Paris Aston Martin One-77 Paris


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