2009 Lorinser SL550

Dating back to the Fifties, a major car magazine once wrote: “The Mercedes SL is the most cultivated and at the same time most fascinating among the sports cars of our time”. With the most recent face-lift from Stuttgart, the myth is more alive than ever.

Sport service Lorinser has reset the jewel among sports cars: the aerodynamic body parts of the Swabian vehicle customized are fascinatingly reminiscent of the original racing car character, when the letters SL still stood for “Sport Light”.

The RS 9 wheel is full of energy, with remarkable light-alloy wheels and outstanding driving qualities, no wonder this is such a remarkable car. It’s clear that the Roadster not only produces hot air, but also develops a gigantic forward thrust. Reaching 0-60 mph in just less than 5.3 seconds is quite an outstanding feature.


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