2009 Ventross Lexus ISF

Vorsteiner has officially announced Ventross: a sub division and brand under the Vorsteiner group, which will primarily focuses on high-end Japanese import vehicles sharing the same high end technology backbone from the Vorsteiner heritage.

2009 Ventross Lexus ISF-12009 Ventross Lexus ISF-2The Lexus ISF that was originally built for Lexus North America for the 2008 SEMA show will boast the latest dry carbon fiber aerodynamics consisting of: VSF Dry carbon front add-on spoiler with center vent opening; VSF Dry carbon fiber lightweight rear boot lid with integrated wing profile (Up to 50% weight savings over factory steel unit); and VSF Dry carbon fiber add-on rear diffuser. A three-piece forged aluminum wheel set will also be available in 19- and 20-inch sizes.

The Lexus VSF concept project by Ventross was a joint effort with RJ De Vera and Motorworldhype.com In 2009 Ventross plans to build a full carbon fiber aerodynamic & light forged wheel package for the Nissan GTR.

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