Abt R32

The 5 door hatchback modified car, 2008 ABT R32 is already designed as a very capable super sports car. Those people who are in the look out for a very competent and fast compact car are the ones who buy this gem of a car. A racing car in golf‘s clothing the ABT R32 is very well suited for regular use for each and every day. ABT came up with a real extraordinary car on dynamic 19 inch BR-wheels. Instead of serial 250hp (184kW), the ABT R32 now delivers enormous 370hp (272kW). This immense addition in power of 120hp is possible as a result of the modified motor management and the use of the ABT compressor kit combined with a water cooled intercooler. All components are tuned perfectly to the potent Supercharged V6 engine by the Kempten engineers, and therefore offer permanently impressing driving values. For example, the ABT R32 sprints from 0 to 100km/h in just 5.0 seconds, compared to 6.2 seconds for the serial R32. The top speed is more than 270km/h (167 MPH). Another very impressive factor is how the tuned engine is getting the job done. The six cylinder engine accelerates just as smoothly as powerfully in every rpm range.

2008 Abt R32

“The R32 is as much fun on the motor way as on winding country roads,” explained Hans Jurgen of ABT. There is no need for any wonder how the Kempten Golfer which is equipped with the ABT adjustable sports suspension works perfectly with the 370 horses of the V6. The 2008 ABT R32 is using a 6 speed manual transmission system. The listed price for this small sport car is going to be $32,990.

2008 Abt R32 back view


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