The Alfa Romeo Mi.To unveiled

Alfa Romeo Mi.To

A few days ago Alfa Romeo announced in a press release their latest car, the upcoming Alfa Romeo Mi.To. The Alfa ‘Mini killer’ (though I hate this term) joins the Fiat 500 in an Italian attempt to challenge Mini’s place in the market. One thing’s for sure about the Mi.To, it has a strange name, which comes from the first two lettres of the cities were the car was conceived. ‘Mi’ comes from Milano, where the car was designed and To comes from Turin (Torino), where the small car will be produced.

Being an Alfa Romeo, we know from the beginning that the car is beautiful and the photos confirm that. The Mi.To borrows some characteristic from Alfa’s latest sensation, the 8C Competizione, such as the three-lobed front-part, the particular shape of the unframed side windows and the shape of the headlights and the LED tail lights. Under the hood, the Alfa Romeo Mi.To will be offered with 4 engines, all Turbo (petrol and diesel), that currently range from 90 hp up to 155 hp, with the range due to be extended by even higher power ratings.


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