Aston Martin DB7 -24-Carat Gold

Have you seen a gold car?Well, i already post it once before here. But this is Aston Martin we were talking about. One luxury customization company, Alchemist, thinks their Aston Martin DB7 isn't getting enough attention. So, they've decided to bath the exterior in 24-carat gold and platinum leaf. No details have been given exactly how they did it and what the total cost might be, but they went as far to add 7 diamonds embedded in the bodywork as the final touch.

Alchemist's creative director and modern day 'Goldfinger', Jacques Blanc, said: "Forget the everyday optional extras offered by car manufacturers, this is the King Midas of customization and the gold standard of luxury."

The 24-carat DB7 makes its debut at MPH The Prestige and Performance Motor Show featuring Top Gear Live at London's Earls Court among 200 other supercars on display. Tickets are available via mphshow.co.uk/info



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