Bloodhound SSC will try to overcome speed in 1000 miles/hours

Unique bolide Bloodhound SSC, developed specially on purpose to overcome a mark in 1000 miles/hours, it is made by present champions in land speed – Richard Noublom (Richard Noble) and Andy Green (Andy Green). In 1997 the pilot of Royal military-air forces of Great Britain Green has managed to be dispersed to 763 miles/hours on a child of Noubla – high-speed ThrustSSC, that become first car which has broken a sound barrier. Now these brave guys have returned to reach four-unit speed. Design and mechanics new bolide can differ from former, but the basic idea remains to the same: to attach the person to a rocket, and a rocket, in turn, to put on wheels. One of these days a breadboard model of a new vehicle have presented in the London scientific museum. The car moves at the expense of the jet engine developed specially for military plane Eurofighter. On reaching 300 miles/hours jet movement should will be transferred to an experimental hybrid rocket, and the driver will be under the influence of acceleration in 9,8 km/s until speed bolide will not reach 1000 miles/hours.

Bloodhound SSC



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