Chevrolet Aveo billboard doesn’t last the hour

Chevrolet Aveo Billboard London

In a recent marketing ploy Chevrolet put up a billboard, in London, covered in one-pence coins. 769,500 pence to be exact, the actual price of the Aveo. The ad was designed to grab attention and it certainly succeeded. A little too much attention actually as the money only lasted for 30 minutes before they were picked clean. While certainly not unexpected even not unintended the Chevrolet folks hoped it would last a little more than 30 minutes.

Here’s what Chevrolet’s Les Turton had to say: “There have been some great car adverts before, but none that has stopped traffic and actually put money back into the motorist’s pocket so this is certainly a first. We’re glad we’ve topped up lots of people’s wallets, purses and, in some cases, rucksacks, but it would have been nice for the billboard to last a little longer than 30 minutes.”


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