Chevrolet Camaro SS

Chevrolet has reestablished their Camaro for 2010, GM’s new, global rear-wheel-drive design; the Camaro is in a V-6-powered LS and LT models. A long dash-to-axle and short rear deck gives the Camaro its classic proportions, with its sleek windshield profile, wheels pushed down to the corners and muscular fender forms are its modern elements that back up its standard engineering.

It also has an advanced LED light pipe technology that gives the cabin a friendly glow. These details such as chrome-trimmed controls, low-gloss surfaces and premium fabric or acrylic appliqués convey. It has been a richness that has been inside previous Camaro models. Buyers can have options of center-console gauge cluster, which displays oil temperature, oil pressure, state-of-battery and transmission fluid temperature, all with modern LED backlighting.

The Camaro SS is equipped with a powerful 6.2L V-8, with your choice of six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission. A standard or manual transmission-equipped model gives the LS3 engine an extra boost, estimated at 422 horsepower (315 kW) and 408 lb,-ft of torque (553 Nm). The LS3 has made its entrance on the 2008 Corvette and uses high-flow cylinder heads based on the Corvette’s Z06’s LS7 engine to allow greater low-end torque and high-rpm thrust. The Camaro SS is teamed up with a TR6060 six-speed transmission, based on the LS3 and handles a high-performance design feature, including a GM’s fuel Active Fuel Management display. It allows the engine to run on four cylinders during their light-load driving conditions, such as highway cruising, to help the fuel economy, with an estimated 23 mpg on the highway. The 2010 Camaro has been designed based on the GM’s global rear-wheel-drive architecture, having a strong body structure to enhance safety, quietness and handling.

The four-wheel disc brakes combined with ABS are standard for all models, LS and an LT model has been receiving these brakes. SS models have much larger rotors and act upon the four-piston, aluminum Brembo calipers on all four corners. In order to allow this car to show its full potential, GM has added their very own StabilTrak electronic stability control system to allow much quicker and more consistent takeoffs during performance driving.


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