Ferrari F430 Concept created by Luca Serafini

Ferrari F430 Concept by Luca Serafini

This Ferrari F430 Concept was created by Luca Serafini who is one skilled designer and there’s no doubt about that. We were very impressed with the Lamborghini Embolado, presented by us here, last year. He designed the F430 concept starting from the current model, but also tried to look close at classic Ferrari models. The result is a very impressive concept, with a design philosophy somewhat different from the current Ferraris.

And that’s not all, because Luca, besides suggesting the design to Ferrari, also talked to AliasStudioTools to draw and mill a 1:4 scaled model. Who knows, maybe someday we’ll see his creations on the street.

You can check out Luca’s page on deviantart, here and you can also see more photos after the jump.


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