Final teaser image of 2010 Ford Mustang

With rising fuel prices and increased environmental concerns pushing customers towards smaller cars, Ford is well aware of the negative image its brawny Mustang projects on new car buyers. Due late next year for the 2010 model year, Ford will be updating its iconic muscle car with a number of changes to its exterior as well as a complete revamp of its powertrain lineup to appease those concerned about fuel-economy. This final teaser image, plus spy shots posted on the Great Lakes 4X4 forums, show some of the car's highlights and hint at the slimmer styling that Ford is giving the Mustang. The latest in the long line of teasers - 14 in total - reveals the rear fascia of the car, including the taillights and a duck-tail rear deck spoiler.

2010 Ford Mustang Teaser images



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