The first production Chevrolet Volt teaser photo

Chevrolet Volt Teaser

Presented early this year, at the Detroit Auto Show, the Chevrolet Volt created quite some buzz, by being one really interesting plug-in hybrid concept. After Bob Lutz, GM’s Vice Chairman announced that the car will go into production in 2010 or maybe later, he also said that the car won’t look like the concept, however, from this teaser photo, released today, we can see that the car actually looks like the concept, at least from that angle.

GM has tried to improve the aerodynamic drag, which accounts for up to twenty percent of the energy necessary to propel a vehicle and can improve fuel efficiency, no matter what fuel is used (electricity, E85 or gasoline). This was possible by wind-tunnel testing and design, and so, the production Volt has 30 percent less drag than the concept Volt.


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