Alfa Romeo Returns to America

The headline is that, Alfa Romeo is coming back to America.09_alfaromeo_8ccompetizione_272.JPG
Alfa bosses are now looking to re-start sales in the U.S. either in 2010 or 2011 with a final decision likely to be made in Italy by the end of the year. There's also buzz about building cars in the States. So, that means they were serious about coming back to America's market.

Alfa Romeo, now is riding high on their acclaim of its new stunning 8C Competizione super coupe and funky new junior Alfa, the Mito, has been away from the U.S. for far too long.

Yet Alfa bosses still remain committed to the U.S. and if Alfa is going to earn its keep and at least double sales to 300,000 units per year, then a return to the U.S. just has to happen.

Speculation links Alfa now with Tata-owned Jaguar for a suitable RWD platform. This could also support a replacement for Alfa's glamorous E-segment premier sedan, the 166, which may be badged 169 if approved. 2009 Alfa Romeo MiTo - 245.JPG

Today's fun and feisty 1.4-1.6-liter Alfa MiTo would seem the perfect relaunch model for an American market that's downsizing and increasingly focusing on fuel economy.

Aimed directly at the hit Mini Cooper, the Mito has already garnered strong reviews and a 1.8-liter high performance 230 bhp Mito GTA, targeting the Cooper S, is also due in 2009. Yes, it could all work, but again we await official word from Milan.

The news that BMW and Fiat are now to co-operate on 'under the skin' architecture and parts throws up yet another variation on the Alfa theme, with speculation that the next Mini and Grande Punto (which sired the Alfa Mito) could share essentially the same platform. That would certainly clear a path back to the U.S. for Alfa.

Another possibility is that BMW could provide the Italians with a good rear-drive platform for next generation versions of the 159 and Brera although discussions on the whole collaboration are still at a very early stage, a spokesperson said.

Sources also suggest that Fiat and BMW are also working together on a new family of gasoline and diesel engines.When it comes to Alfa Romeo, there's long been an element of smoke and mirrors. The message this time however is that the Milanese sporting icon, which has long had the potential to be an Italian BMW, is finally getting its act together.And yes, after too long away, finally on its way back to the States.
Photo by Alfa Romeo
1 - Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione
2 - Alfa Romeo MiTo



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