Gemballa Avalanche 600 GT2 EVO

Being as one of the most stylish and redefined Porsche, GEMBALLA are currently holding their worldwide reputation. Given the idea from the Porsche 997 turbo, the GT EVO has used this as their basis. With 600 bhp (442 kW) this car puts Maranello and Sant” Agata-Bolognese in an awkward position. This six-cylinder boxer car, with a torque of 840 Nm is - power-boosted by their GEMBALLA power kit. Lightning fast acceleration and speed,

GEMBALLA has put in their sports intercooler to ensure maximum performance and can brush away the heat. This boost in power ensures top speeds of 198 mph and reaching from 0-60 mph in just 3.5 seconds. A combination of different aerodynamic materials from their very own suite ensures greater down force. GEMBALLA has put in a set of wheels with sizes ranging from 245 and 325 tires. The custom design on the wheel brings the classic racing look. You can design the wheels in “Silver Edition” or in “Black Magic” version.

The interior inside the car brings sportiness to a whole new level with leather combination wheels and floor mats. In order to create a luxurious environment you can have a combo of aluminum/leather or carbon/leather. I would recommend this car for a person who likes to ride luxurious while ending up first at the finish line.


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