GM to present 28 models at SEMA

Pontiac Solstice Concept Car

After Ford showed us the 9 modified Ford Focus and the 9 modified crossover, which it’ll bring to this month’s SEMA, it’s time for GM to let us know what they’ll present. This year, GM decided to go on a “eco-friendly” theme, so most of the cars are capable of using E85 ethanol or are ultra-efficient sports cars.

We’ll get to see a 500 hp FlexFuel Chevy hot-rod created by GM’s Performance Division, Jay Leno’s E85-powered Corvette Z06 powered by an 8.2L E85-powered V8 engine that develops over 600hp, some new concepts like the Pontiac Solstice SD-290 concept (presented in the photo) and two new G8 performance sedans modified by Pirelli and Unique Autosports, which will be presented by 50 Cent. Oh, and we’ll also have some new stuff from Chevrolet, like the Impala SS NASCAR and Camaro Convertible concepts and modified versions of the Chevrolet Silverado and Chevrolet Subaurban.


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