GM workers to get a sneak peek of the Volt

Chevrolet Volt

According to DetroitNews, General Motors plans on allowing their workers to get a first look at the near-production version of the highly anticipated Chevrolet Volt. This will happen in September, during GM’s 100th anniversary celebration. Ever since the concept was first presented last year at the Detroit Motor Show, GM has been working hard to manage to launch it into mass production, most probably sometimes during 2010. The electric car will be assembled at GM’s Hamtramck plant and the Detroit carmaker announced that it plans on investing $326 million in a plant where the 1.4 liter turbo engine will be built, alongside the Chevrolet Cruze.

So far, GM, which recently showed a near-production version of the Volt to a focus group in southern California, didn’t announce when and where the Volt will be revealed, but spokeswoman Karla Coleman said, “It’s going to be soon.” After the employees will have the privilege of seeing the car, the rest of the world will also get to see the Volt at the LA Auto Show in November or the Detroit Motor Show in January.

Currently, more than 200 engineers, 50 designers and 400 other workers (on related subsystems and electric components) are working on the Volt, which will be different from the concept car, because GM says that that one wasn’t aerodynamic enough.

The GM workers which will get the chance to see the Volt won’t be allowed with any cameras because of concerns about the competition, but we definitely hope someone will take some photos so we can all see it. So, if you’re working at GM and will take part at the event, we’d really appreciate it if you’d take some photos.


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