Hamann SLR Volcano-Official details

Hamann SLR Volcano reworked of Mercedes McLaren SLR supercar.Indeed a very good touch!I'm carzy to get one!With 5.4-liters of supercharged displacement to work with, Hamann turned up the boost with a new pulley, custom exhaust manifolds and tuned ECU to bring output up to 700 hp and 612 lb.-ft. of torque – an increase of 74 hp and 37 lb.-ft., respectively. In order to keep temps in check, Hamann added an additional water pump, and to make better use of the extra grunt, fiddled with the transmission's control unit. The 0-60 time is down to 3.6 seconds and top speed is now nine mph faster than the standard SLR and seven mph faster than the 722 edition.

Hamann SLR Volcano Front View

Carbon fiber pieces replace the front and rear wings and the side skirts, while a new hood, diffuser and front spoiler all do there best to keep things as slippery as possible under speed. EDITION RACE 21-inches wheels are fitted at all four corners and wrapped in 255/30 (front) and 345/25 (rear) rubber. In addition to two color choices – aluminum/chrome or white/matte – owners can choose from new aluminum pedals, door sills and headrests emblazoned with Hamann logos, along with carbon fiber and Alcantara trim for the dash, center console, steering wheel and sun visors.

Hamann SLR Volcano-Nice interior!

Hamann SLR Volcano stylish interior-Seats



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