LA Design Challenge: Audi R25 - sport car from future!

On a motor show in Los Angeles applicants for a victory in the prestigious competition Design Challenge 2008 which theme this year became Motorsport 2025 have been named. The car created in Audi Design Center, California became the first of them futuristic Audi R25. To each of the developers participating in competition, the task – to develop the unique vehicle possessing properties, not used earlier in any of motor racing kinds has been given. Cars should be ready to movement on high-speed lines and tunnels, to be able to move "head over heels" and to be capable to overcome any obstacles, without losing in dynamics. On a legend, the top parts of tunnels and turning movements contain zones WiTricity for wireless additional charge that allows drivers to use energy of these zones, without stopping for refuelling. According to these conditions the sport car of the future represented on a photo also has been designed.



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