Lamborghini Embolado Concept by Luca Serafini

Lamborghini Embolado Concept

We don’t know why, but the first thing we thought of when we saw these photos was a shark. Doesn’t really look like Lamborghini’s bull, but it’s definitely aggressive. So, what’s this, you might ask? Well, it’s the Lamborghini Embolado concept car created by Luca Serafini, student in final year of the Industrial Design Course at the University of Parma, Italy. And it’s a cool concept, not like the Lamborghini Alar, which we presented a few months ago and which was hideous.

When Luca designed the concept, he thought of it as a replacement for the current Gallardo model and the whole design starts from the Gallardo. The name Embolado comes from a Spanish festival, named “Embolado Bull” (or Toro Embolado). Luca even created a Superleggera version of the Embolado. Of course, probably Lamborghini will never take this seriously, but still, it’s a great design. You can also check Luca Serafini’s page on deviantart.


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