Lamborghini teaser photos put together. The four-door coupe to be called Estoque?

Lamborghini Estoque

A member of the LamboPower forum has put together the teaser photos recently released by Lamborghini and came up with a partial rear view of the four-door coupe that will debut next week at the Paris Motor Show. What do you say about it? Like it? We think it looks like an Alfa, but still, we’re pretty excited about the car and can’t wait to see it live next week.

But that’s not all. Rumors showed up saying that the car will be called the Lamborghini Estoque. Pretty funny name, which comes from a special sword used by a bull fighters, and who, according to World Car Fans, is related to the Lamborghini Espada, the 2-door 4-seater produced between 1968 and 1978. So far, no official reaction from Lamborghini.


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