Lamborghini’s mysterious car to be a four door coupe?

Lamborghini Teaser Paris

Everyone caught everyone’s attention when, a couple of days ago, they released a teaser photo of a mysterious new car that will debut at next month’s Paris Motor Show. No one was expecting this and, of course, everyone is wondering what’s up with this car. We assumed it will be a Murcielago replacement, but, according to Inside Line, what we’ll see at the French show will be a four-door Lamborghini high-luxury gran turismo with the engine in front but behind the front axle. According to Inside Line’s sources, the car could be based on the new Audi A8 platform. Wow, we weren’t expecting this!

The reason why there were no spy shots or leaked info is that Lamborghini started this project only five months ago and it was given a green light before asking Audi’s management opinion. Considering that Porsche’s Panamera is almost out, Lamborghini put a lot of effort into creating this concept, with the help of a few Audi designers.


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