Lebanon’s First Supercar ever built

From three years of hard work paid cash when they successfully built an ultimate supercar. The prototype was finally completed the design and fabrication.The F1 prototype will be showing off to public this Detroit Auto Show in January of next year. They have given the prototype the name of F2.

About the features, the supercar is powered by a VW-sourced 2.0 liter four-pot - which is connected to an Audi gearbox.
That sounds kind of fun. This makes F2 can speed up until 124 mph. Frem has plans in mind for this first Lebanese supercar to compete with Ferrari. I don't think it is easy, since much more power features need to be considered such as luxury and more speed.

When it comes to the design of the car we have to admit that it needs more work.No doubt about that. The front end resembles Frem's marque. However, the massive upright scnoz and the gaping air intakes will not appeal to the European pedestrian impact standards.

So, frankly speaking Frem has a lot of work in order to make a supercar that is worth showing off in January.In fact, this is the first supercar built for Lebanese. So, get Back to the drawing board.



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