Lotus Esprit Submarine Car From The Spy Who Loved Me Heading To Auction Again [James Bond Lotus Esprit]

James Bond's transforming Lotus Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me is up on the auction block again, so if you've got $175,000 and an appreciation for the Giugiaro-designed 1976 Lotus Esprit we recommend booking a flight to London next month for the Bonhams auction. What makes the Esprit so famous is that, at the touch of a button in the film, it turned into a submarine. We're fairly certain the Lotus up for auction, though from the film, will not actually turn into a submersible. If you want one of those you'll have to wait for the Rinspeed sQuba or invest in a blue screen. Happy bidding. Hit the jump for "official" specs on the Esprit from the movie.


White Lotus Esprit, number plate "PPW 306R", with the following modifications:

Submarine Features

*Retractable wheels, with extendable covers to protect the wheel cavity
*Retractable fins and rudders for underwater steering
*Convertible dashboard to double as a submarine control system
*Radar and Nautical guidance equipment
*Metal blinds for rear window
*Four retractable propeller units at the rear of the car

Weapons & Defence

*Surface-to-air missiles
*Underwater mines
*Oil-slick sprayer for underwater camouflage
*Rear mounted concrete sprayers
*Harpoons for underwater combat
*Self destruct system
*TV Monitor and closed-circuit camera

[Gridcrasher, Photo Credit: qv500



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