Maserati Cinqueporte exclusive for Arab customer

Custom made Maserati Cinqueporte

First time I saw this car I thought Maserati has gone mad launching something like this, a Maserati Quattroporte wagon. But after I read what’s it about, I calmed down. Apparently some eccentric filthy rich Arab sheik ordered a custom made Maserati Quattroporte wagon from the Italian car maker and he also got it.

Actually, not yet, but Italian design companies StudioM and Studio Torino started working on the project, which will require the extension of the roofline, craft folding the rear seats and moving the fuel tank to increase the Maserati’s utility space. We have no confirmed info, but the price of project will not be cheap, for sure. For example, for a custom made interior on a Quattroporte, another client paid €350,000 (about $510,000).


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