Official photos of the 2010 Cadillac SRX

Cadillac SRX

The luxury crossover market is growing more and more, with examples like the BMW X6 or Mercedes GLK. And the profit which is to be gained has also attracted american producer Cadillac, which recently showed us the first official photos of its new model, the SRX. Although it will be launched some time next year, the car is set to start a tour of the grand motor shows, starting with the one in Paris, in October.

This new model does have a lot in common with the Provoq concept, showed at last year’s Detroit Motor Show, and the represents the evolution of the design line found in the CTS and CTS-V sedans. The level of craftsmanship and the power which will be available to the driver are, in Cadillac’s view, the strong points of the SRX, which will definetely recommend it in the luxury crossover and small SUV range. Although the american producer is keeping the tehnical specs under lock and key, rumours have started going around that an AWD tehnology will be employed, and that one of the engines powering this car will be the 3.6 litre V6. More details are set to come most probably after it’s debut in Paris


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ft. myers cadillac DTS said...

The old SRX model is looking like a Wagon car with some extension of roof. But its millage is too good, i think this new SRX model also have same or more potentials which customers are liked much.

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