Porsche Carma Concept design study

Porsche Carma Concept

Even if there are 0.001% chances this concept will ever be shown at a motor show and even less chances it’ll ever go into production, however, from time to time, we like to feast our eyes on these design studies. After a few days ago we presented the Volkswagen Viseo, this time we show you the Porsche Carma. It was designed by four French students, which currently attend the Institute Supérieur de Design, located in Valenciennes, France.

The Porsche Carma was designed starting from the idea of creating an almost perfect aerodynamic sports car, which can also be used for every day trips. Not bad at all and congrats to the young dudes who created this, they are: Germain Baillot, Pierre Fichet Delavault, Julie Dicks and Simon Menu. This is their website (click here) and, if their teachers read this, give them all A+, they deserve it.


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