Porsche continues fight against London’s congestion charge

Porsche Judicial Review London Congestion Charge

Porsche plans to take legal action against London’s Mayor Ken Livingstone, who wants to raise the congestion charge. The new charge will affect several hundred car models, including some Porsche models, high-performance cars, large family cars and SUVs and Porsche believes that, besides making successful people who own some of these affected car models, relocate to other, cities, the new rules are only a “political stunt” and have nothing to do with the environment, because, for example, the CO2 saved in a whole year is the equivalent to just a few hours of emissions from Heathrow Airport.

As Londoners probably know, the London Mayor is planning to raise the congestion charge from just £8.00 a day to £25.00 for some vehicles from October, and also remove the exemption for residents, meaning that some people will see their daily charge rise from just 80p a day to £25.00 a day. To get more info about Porsche’s Judicial Review, head over to the official website of the action (click here).

We really don’t know what to say about this, but considering that in a lot of other countries these environmental financial measures are usually only a reason for some people to make money or gain some political advantages, we think that Porsche’s has a good point here and it will be very interesting to follow what happens in this case.


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